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Scor'in Rite

Scor'in Rite offers gun business to the Union City, MI area. We sell firearms and accessories by providing quality and not quantity. We have a law enforcement background for 33 years now, and we are Michigan's State Police Firearms Instructor from 1989 to 2003 ( Ret ).

gun business - Union City, MI - Scor'in Rite

Scor'in Rite's Services Include:

  • Personal and professional instruction
  • Sales in firearms and accessories
  • CCW - Carry Concealed Weapon Training
  • PPI -  Personal Protection Instruction

We have real people you can talk to and we believe in the 2nd amendment.

Call Scor'in Rite today at 517-741-3506.

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Scor'in Rite 120 S. Park St., Union City, MI 49094
Scor'in Rite

120 S. Park St.
Union City, MI 49094

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